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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rethinking Chaos Magic (ii)

Aside from some unique experimental work, Chaos Magic serves best as a method
for extracting useful elements from other magical forms. It's a set of working
criteria for analyzing magical technique and to help in structuring rests.

The emphasis on a magical materialism, though not always convincing, is a
useful destroyer of unneeded mysticisms and religious overlays to magic. It
has also opened up many of the avenues in the general magical community that
Satanism opened ten years previous to Chaos Magic's development, particularly
Freedom of Belief and the dismissal of inessentials in magical practice.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

On Alphabets of Desire

To produce an Alphabet of Desire you create a series of semi-perminant sigils to represent aspects of your self-complex and your primary drives and desires. These act as the "colors" available to you for use on your pallette in magical Work. Once you've done this you can use these letters to mix and match the different aspects of your self and your understanding of the cosmos to magical effect. This could involve having certain sonic aspects to each Letter so that you could construct sonic sigils out of the Alphabet, certain shapes to the letters to form words or simple groupings, or figuring out a way to abstract them to pictorial forms.

The same approach can be used for already established magical letter systems, with some difference. Rather then just tacking an idea to an image you use the tradition surrounding the alphabet to determine the kinds of anchors that will be set to them. Things like Edred Thorsson's _The Nine Doors of Midgard_ is an excellent framework for how one could do something like this and while attached to the Elder Futhark the methodology there could be used for other letter based systems as well.

You're probably best off getting to grips with the basics of sigil magic before trying something like this. It will give you a chance to find your particular sigilization style, something which will vastly improve any Alphabet of Desire you might construct.

Rethinking Chaos Magic (i)

Chaos magic is not about letting people do it their way.

It is about people doing magic in a way that gets results.

If you cannot tell the difference please send me a check for $333.00 and I will send you a diagram.

An Observation

People have always paid for religion, whether by the blood of their animals or the lining of their wallets.


The difference between Magicians and "occultniks" is the difference between structural engineers working on building next generation space craft and flik singing Trekkies arguing over which Captain was the best.